Origin and History of Modern Kitchen Appliances

Mini oven, 4 slice toaster, food processor

In this civilized world, all fields have enhanced like fashion, cinema, medicine, etc.., likewise lifestyle of people has also turned bright, the smart kitchen appliances like Mini oven, 4 slice toaster, food processor has developed from earlier days to now in a various way.

Mini oven :

Scientist William s. Hadaway invented the toaster oven while working for the Westinghouse electric company, the bread toaster that is the mini oven only used to toast bread other than that we can reheat leftover, even to heat smaller quantity food items like small-sized pizzas, cookies, veggies, etc.., an oven can be called as a tool which is used to expose materials to such a hot environment they contain a hollow chamber they also control over it, ovens were used for a wide variety of tasks to control heat there are many types of the oven according to their generation of heat and their size, we can food at any desired temperature, some ovens used to heat materials using combustion of fuel like wood, coal and natural gas. the micro oven heats the materials by exposing them to microwave radiation under manual temperature control or a timer can be used to control the period and the radiation which causes heat to process or cook the food until it turns to an apt consistency otherwise the food may overboil and the food may spoil.

Mini oven,  4 slice toaster, food processor

4 Slice toaster :

The 4 slice toaster is a single integrated tool in any home it is a single unit which serves a various purpose,200 years ago man toasted bread by placing it between a pair of metal frames to held by sticks or pair of tongs. In 1919 pop-up model reached the market, Charles Strite who had an idea of the bread pop-up with the help of lifters as they built within it, Pneumatic shock absorber was also in it. This was the first toaster to work with the self-lowering technology saw the light of that day in 1950. This also reduces the power surges .in 1971 they made the toaster oven which was fashion-oriented with wood grain and painted finish. after some days 2 slot toaster was designed.  Then decades later 4 slots to toast bread slides for a couple within two shifts. so, the work could be 2 times easier and faster and the time can be saved.

Food processor :

Pierre Verdon belongs to Paris as he invented a food processor in the form of Le Magi –Mix which is a compact household version of a processor he used it in his restaurant sealed robot coupe carl Sontheimer he was an American engineer and also an inventor who refined Verdon’s the machine to produce the Cuisinart. It is an electric motor driven appliance they are similar to blenders in many forms usually, like a blender many accessories were inbuilt with it like attachments for slicing bread, milk centrifuges, even ice cream bowls, when the processors electric motor was expensive they even developed piccolo it could even run a vacuum cleaner. In France the machine, a concept to process food, so it grabs the attention of catering company which could save time and even it reduces manual process.