The second-generation H1 chip air pod.

Cute Airpod Case

The second-generation air pod is the upgraded second model of air pod into the market. This is intruded by a company called Apple in the year 2019 march month. This is in the shinny white in color which comes in only one color as original and it is made of plastic. This is made by chip H1 which makes the device work faster. There are many Cute Airpod Case  are on the market which also comes handy to carry and small to fit in.

Air pod’s uses :

Cute Airpod Case

This H1 chip second-generation air pod is highly improved in connectivity which helps the users to switch the device easily and without inconvenience. This has the extra one hour talk time while compare to the old version of this model. Which means this can use 3 hours of talk time in total. This has the updated version of ‘Hey Siri’ ios assistant. The other updated features of the ios assistant ‘Hey Siri’ will be released in 2020 which will the next generation of H1 chip.

The users can disconnect an unwanted tract or the ios hey Siri assistant from the air pod. The active voice connection feature defines the model on the top of the note, the new design air pod with the silicon ear tips comfort the usage even if the air pod uses for a long time. It has a nestle ear so it fit the ear properly. The wire-free facility helps to use without the disturbance of wire connected with the phone all time. So, it can perform independently.

It has one of the features called sound-isolating which helps to hear the sound outside the environment even in use. The stem present in the air pod gives the support to fit in the ear and prevents from fall down. It comes for both the ears but it can be made use of both the sides or one side standard of the air pod, but it does the same performance.

Internal design :

The major feature is this air pod designed by upgraded H1 chip. This can connect through Bluetooth. The devices which can connect with this air pod are all android and apple devices. Air pod connects with the iCloud account in single or all iCloud accounts in a single tap.

The upgraded chip helps the audio architecture to improvise the synchronization. This works 1.5 times faster than the normal. Hey, Siri is the supporting system to use without touch after every command this helps to access the phone.

Air pod that perform the actions of mobile phones are

  • Activating Siri
  • Disconnecting Siri
  • Play music
  • Next track
  • Previous track
  • Volume high
  • Volume low

The improved version has the quality audio levels and this can be converted into hearing aid. It has dual sensors that permit tap gesture which is known by ear detection. In the older version, Siri can do the action by tapping on the mobile but in this version, Siri can perform by hey Siri. Users can use the old generation air pod 1 charging case to the air pod 2 and also it comes along with a wire-free charger.