Finer Chances for the Kinds and Paperweight Comparison kindle vs paperwhite

The two cheapest eBook readers in the Kindle range may also seem equivalent if you’re not careful. Yet there are notable differences between her two readers. So, should you buy a Kindle Reader or a Kindle Paperwhite? You can go for kindle vs paperwhite now.

  • On the other side of the Atlantic, Amazon’s engineers chose to put a light in the latest Kindle reading light.
  • This is rather good news since this reader becomes the cheapest model on the market with touch screen and front lighting.
  • The problem is that its technical characteristics are now close to the Kindle Paperwhite reading lamp that is sold 50 euros more.
  • We will see why there is such a price difference between the two readers.

Technical characteristics of the two reading lights kindle vs paperwhite

Both reading lights have a diagonal screen of 6 inches with lighting and touch screen. But, the only thing common to both screens is the touch system.

Indeed, the Kindle reading light offers a lighting with 4 leds while the reading lamp Paperwhite 5 leds . A difference that will be felt invariably on the quality and power of lighting.

Similarly, the screens are different:

So we have a screen almost twice as accurate on the Kindle Paperwhite . Again, this reading light will be more comfortable than his little sister.

Kindle Paperwhite: little more that can make a difference

The differences are not only at the screen level.

The Kindle being less expensive, many compromises have been made.

First of all, the simple Kindle only has 4GB of storage memory for ebooks versus 8GB for the Kindle Paperwhite. If you want to read comics (mangas since the Kindle Paperwhite can lend itself to it with its finer screen), 8 GB will prove to be an interesting asset.

Kindle Paperwhite 2018 reading lightThen the Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof (IPX8 certification) . This peculiarity may seem a little gadget, but it means that the reading light will withstand better in damp environments like without a bathroom or the value of water and wet projections are common.

A waterproof reading light is also the possibility to put it next to a cup of coffee without worrying too much or to post a cooking recipe next to the sink, It’s also interesting to clean the reading light. from time to time.

Finally, the Kindle Paperwhite has a much greater autonomy. According to Amazon, the autonomy of the Paperwhite is 50% higher than that of the basic Kindle.

Which Kindle to choose?

These two readers are not the only ones Amazon sells, and you can read the Kindle Reader Guide. They are very interesting because they are accessible. While the Kindle Paperwhite is widely competing with other brands (Tea / Pocketbook, Kobo and Bookeen), the new Kindle with lighting is the most affordable in its class, making it an attractive machine.

But, as you have seen, it is nevertheless very limited compared to a reading light like the Kindle Paperwhite which has much more complete benefits.

My recommendation is this: If you want an all-terrain reading light that you will carry everywhere and with good autonomy, head for the Kindle Paperwhite reading light. If you’re planning on reading more at home in an armchair or before sleeping then the simple Kindle will do the trick.