The Importance of the ID Card and Your Choices There

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The driver’s license will no longer be valid as an identifier at the bank early next year when a customer is applying for an online banking ID from the bank. Also, in order to obtain a mobile certificate or a citizen certificate of an identity card of a telecommunications company, it is no longer possible to prove one’s identity on the driving license. The importance of the photo ID issued by the police is growing. It is sufficient as a travel document for EU countries and for non-EU countries in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. An identity card is increasingly being sought as an official document in your wallet. The use of the best fake id comes easy there.

Until now, the driving license has been exceptionally approved as an official identity card, now this derogation will expire at the end of this year. In the future, passports and identity cards will be accepted in Finland.

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The driving license has been developed for the purpose of proving the right to drive, not for identification, so its starting point is different from that of the passport and the identity card. In practice, this only applies to the first-time authentication, which is done physically at a bank, for example, when applying for online banking codes.

Online banking codes are familiar to most people. But what are telecom operators’ mobile certificates and national ID cards?A telecommunications operator’s mobile certificate is a certificate obtained from an operator from a mobile phone, for which some operators charge a fee. It can be used to identify you to public services, where the user name is a mobile phone number. This is increasingly being used by the state administration.

The personal certificate of the identity card is maintained by the population register. When you apply for an identity card, it has a chip with a certificate. The card is backed up by a card and a separate card reader.

Is a photo ID from the beginning of the year sufficient for any identification or can I still require a passport? In principle, yes. The photo ID card is valid in the EU. The passport is mainly needed when traveling elsewhere.

What another driving license is valid than a driving license?

Driving licenses are subject to the so-called risk assessment of the operators, i.e. the degree to which a company is trusted. Yes, a driver’s license is sufficient to prove your age at the cashier’s desk at least for now. It should be remembered that a driving license is not an official identity card.

Can I expect my license to be invalid at all in the future?

The driving license already has good security features and the mobile driving license is making its way. According to the Police Board, citizens have 3.7 million valid passports, 680,000 identity cards. There are 72,000 identity cards issued to foreigners and about 44,000 other travel documents, alien’s passport or refugee travel document.

What is the trend, is the popularity of ID cards growing?‚ÄČ

The number of identity cards is growing slightly. The increase in demand is due to the fact that banks are no longer accepting a driver’s license as a personal identification number when a customer is opening an account.